Your Production Machine Shop (quantities 100-100,000)

Denver Precision Products has been making parts for Rocky Mountain customers since 1971 from Kansas to Utah and from New Mexico to Wyoming: We, Denver Precision Products, are committed to manufacturing custom turned parts, and specialized fasteners.

CNC Turning &
Swiss Turning Experts

We have made a variety of  parts ranging from items for tags in cow’s ears to parts for the space shuttle. We have produced parts successfully for the hydraulic, computer, aerospace, military, electrical, secondary automotive, industrial painting, oil exploration, injection molders, sheet metal houses, medical, recreational, and safety industry. 

Ready to Take On Any CNC Challenge

We perform contract manufacturing by using state of the art CNC (computer numerical control) lathe turning centers with live tooling, and CNC Swiss (sliding headstock screw machines) from a variety of steels, aluminum, brass, or plastics. We are generally competitive in production lots between 100 and 100,000 pieces.